What Is The Distance Between JFK Airport And Times Square?


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There are approximately 12 miles between JFK Airport in New York and Times Square in Manhattan. This, obviously, doesn't take into consideration the masses of traffic in the New York area by vehicle, so you may wish to consider catching a tube train in the subway. Only do this, however, if you don't have much luggage with you as during peak times, the subway can be incredibly busy and packed, sometimes leading to your things being stolen. Always be sure that your belongings are near you at all times when traveling on the Subway.

New York's JFK Airport, named after President John F. Kennedy, is an international airport in the borough of Queens about 12 miles south of Lower Manhattan. Of all of the airports in the United States, New York's JFK International Airport is the busiest gateway to the US, handling more traffic than any other North American airport. In 2010 alone, it handled approximately 46,500,000 passengers, making in the 18th busiest airport in the world last year. There are over 90 airlines in operation in and out of the JFK airport. It is one of the main international gateways for airlines such as American Airlines and Delta Airlines.

There are also two other major airports, within the New York metropolitan area: LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty. Newark Liberty International Airport, formerly known as Newark Airport and then Newark International Airport, is another of New York's international airports near to Newark, Elizabeth and New Jersey. The airport, however, is owned solely by the city of Newark. This airport is slightly further away to Lower Manhattan than the JFK airport, being a total of 15 miles away from places such as Times Square. You can easily catch a taxi to and from the airport, with most companies doing specific airport transfers that you can book in advance.

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