How Many Miles/kilometres To Fiji From San Francisco?


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It is a long distance from San Francisco, California to Suva, the capital town of the Republic of Fiji Islands. The distance from San Francisco to Suva in Fiji is 5,434 miles or 8,746 kilometres. However, this is the air distance, as in, if you fly from San Francisco to Suva, this is the distance you will cover. The distance can be longer or shorter depending on the airline route chosen and the airport location. According to another source, I learned that the distance between San Francisco and Suva is 5447 miles or 8765 kilometres; this distance has been calculated through calculating the latitude and longitude of the two places.

Suva is located on one of the Islands in Fiji called the Viti Levu Island on the Southeast coast. It is in the central division of the Fiji Islands Nation. Suva is the political and commercial centre of the Republic of Fiji Islands.
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If you measure the straight line flight distance ("as the crow flies"), the total distance from San Francisco to Fiji is 5,453 miles or 8,775 kilometers.

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