How Many Miles Between Accra, Ghana And Charlotte, NC?


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The total distance from Accra to Charlotte is 5,465 miles.

This is equivalent to 8,795 kilometers or 4,749 nautical miles.
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The total distance between Accra, Ghana and Charlotte, North Carolina is 5474 miles.

Accra is the largest city and also the capital of Ghana. Nearly more than 70% of Ghana's production capacity is based in Accra. The city is positioned towards the Greenwich Meridian, based in the Accra municipal region. Accra was established during the 1500s mainly by the Ga people. The name Accra comes from the ancient word Nkran which meant ants, referring to the several anthills present near the countryside region of Accra.

According to census reports the total area of this region was estimated to be 185 square kilometres. As of the year 2005, the total population of Accra, was said to be 1,970,400. The current chief executive of this region is Stanley N. A. Blankson.
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6000 miles

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