How Many Miles/kilometres Is South Wales From Birmingham?


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Birmingham is approximately 118 miles away from Cardiff, South Wales by road. If you wish to drive to Birmingham it would approximately take you around 2-4 hours according to the speed you wish travel at. The weather in Birmingham at this time of the year is about 16'c maximum and 5'c minimum.

It is England's second largest city. There are many places of interest around the city especially if you are architecture or a sports fan. There is the New Selfride's building, Birmingham council house, St. Martin's church, etc. to look at. Birmingham is home to two major football clubs Birmingham city and Aston villa. It is also home to Warwickshire cricket club.

Good reasonable places to stay in Birmingham are the city inn at Bindleyplace, Elmdon lodge hotel at Elmdon road and park hotel at Aldridge road. These hotels are relatively cheap and nice to stay in.

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