How Far Is The London Marathon?


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A marathon is 26.2 miles long.
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The term marathon is typically given to a long-distance running event which is a total of 42.195 km (that is 26 mile 385 yards or precisely 26.21875 miles).

Initially, there was no fixed length of a marathon as the only important point to note was that every athlete ran on the same course.

The name "marathon" has its roots in the legend of Greek soldier Pheidippides. According to legend, he set off from Marathon, a town of to Athens in order to make known that the Persians were miraculously conquered in the Battle of Marathon. He is said to have run that whole length with no stops in between and just moments after declaring his message, he collapsed dead tired. There are a number of other variations and related stories.
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A running event of distance measuring 26.21875 miles (42.195 km) is known as Marathon.

The name "Marathon" was derived from famous tale of the legendary Greek solider Pheidippides, who was sent to Athens from the well-known town of Marathon to proclaim the miraculous defeat of Persians in the Battle of Marathon. It is also known that this soldier ran the whole distance without stopping, to proclaim the message. Soon after delivering the message the soldier collapsed and died due to exhaustion.

In the early times, the length of the Marathon was not decided. In the Olympics, the length of the marathon varied depending upon routes dedicated for each venue. In 1896 Olympics, Marathon covered a distance of 40.8km. In 1908, Marathon which was held at London commenced at Windsor Castle covering a distance of 42.195km. In 1912 Olympics, the distance of the Marathon changed to 40.2km and in 1920 Olympics, it again changed to 42.75km. Six out of first seven Olympic games, covered distances ranging between 40 and 42.75km.

In the year 1921, IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) declared a fixed distance for the marathon. 42.195km was then adopted as the permanent distance.
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The London Marathon is 26.2 miles in length in kilometres this works out to around forty two kilometres. It is the length that killed the first ever marathon runner in Greece.
The other known facts and figures related to the London Marathon that took place in the year 2005 include the fact that thirty thousand runners participated, a staggering seven hundred and ten thousand bottles of water were consumed, four hundred and forty feet of urinal space was used by the runners, each runner shed a little over a litre of water by sweating and with over forty thousand runners in the year 2006 it is the biggest marathon in the world.
The second biggest Marathon after the London Marathon is the New York City Marathon. In the year 2006 the New York City Marathon had approximately thirty seven thousand participants.

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