How Far Is Peterborough To London?


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The approximate distance between Peterborough, United Kingdom and London, United Kingdom is approximately 85 miles which equals to approximately 140 kilometres. There are two ways of reaching London, one is through train and the other is by road. People usually prefer travelling by road as it is much convenient that way. Peterborough is one of the most visited places in the whole of England. The reason is that Peterborough is supposed to be the earth's oldest city.

There are many evidences which prove the existence of this place during the Bronze Age. There were many human settlements found in these areas. There are some evidences which you can still see till this date.

In order to reach there by road, you need to get on the A1 highway and continue on A5. It is a pretty straight road and you just need to go south.
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The distance between Peterborough, United Kingdom and London City, United Kingdom is about 83.3 miles; it would take around 1 hour and 58 minutes to cover the distance.

Peterborough is a city which is situated at the eastern part of England. It is lies 73.7 miles away towards the northern side from the middle part of London at the Charring Cross. This city is located on the River Nene which covers a distance of 30 miles and finally meets the North Sea. London is the capital city of United Kingdom situated on the Thomas River lying on the southeastern region of England. It is also the largest city of United Kingdom.

While heading from Peterborough, United Kingdom to London City, some of the roads through which you will pass through are Wentworth Street, London Street, Cricklewood Lane, Marble Arch, and Duke of Wellington, St. Margaret Street and finally reach the London City.
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1hr 30 mins approximately
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How far is it to south west london ??
Me and my family r going to chessington theme park but my daughter gets travel sick so I need to know the time of the journey
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