How Many Miles From Atlanta, Georgia To New York?


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To fly from Atlanta, Georgia to New York, which is the most common way to make the journey, you would cover a distance of 746 miles. The distance by road is 881 miles.
The reason for the difference between those two distances is down to the old-fashioned saying of 'as the crow flies' or in this case as the plane flies.
Flying between the two cities is not only the quickest way to travel but also the shortest as it cuts out all the highways and diversions through different cities.
Traveling by car is likely to be an all-day affair and probably requires a day of recovery at the end of the journey, not to mention the wear an tear on your car. With the cost of gas these days, it is may also be a more expensive means to make the journey.
An additional expense of driving comes from the toll roads that you will encounter. The drive however can be part of the attraction for many people as they enjoy the freedom of the road and cutting through the heart of the United States.
Traveling by car is likely to end up clocking more than 881 miles with some stops offs certain and perhaps you may want to break your journey with an overnight stay on route.
Flying from Atlanta to New York is often the first leg of a journey with New York the hub for many transatlantic and international flights. From New York Airport you can easily complete your journey into the city by using cab, bus or train.
If time is a major factor in your travel arrangements, then flying the 746 miles between the two cities is the obvious solution, if you have more time and enjoy driving, then it's best to hit the road and fill the gas tank.
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The estimated distance between the city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia and New York City in the United States of America is approximately 1, 209 kilometres, which is about 751 miles. In terms of nautical miles, the distance between Atlanta and New York City is approximately 653 nautical miles.

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847 miles bt driving
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What is the half way point between NY and Georgia
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900 miles by driving

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