How Far From Disney World Are The Everglades?


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The subtropical marshlands of the Everglades are situated across the whole of southern Florida in regions like Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier and Miami. Walt Disney World is situated in Bay Lake. Florida. I will tell you the distance from Bay Lake to some of the popular Everglades regions. The distance from Bay Lake to Palm Beach is 194 miles and it is about a 3 hour drive. The distance between Bay Lake and Monroe is about 220 miles. The distance between Bay Lake and Miami is 258 miles and it takes about 4 hours on the road to get there.

The Everglades have now been modified because of agricultural developments. It becomes the Kissimmee River in the southern half of the large watershed in Orlando, Florida. The Everglades national part is a beautiful nature site and is also a World Heritage site. You can get here only via the 9336 state road from Florida to Flamingo.

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