How Can I Get To Northumberland And How Far Is It From London?


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Northumberland is a country in northeastern England. It can take over 5.5 hours to reach this region from London, if one goes by car along the A1 highway, which runs between the British capital and Edinburgh. Alnwick, a popular destination in Northumberland, is 317 miles from London.

The fastest way to reach Northumberland is by aeroplane. It is easiest to fly to Newcastle International Airport, as there are approximately 22 daily flights from three airports in London, namely Gatwick, Heathrow and Stanstead. It is also possible to fly direct from other cities in the UK, as well as from continental Europe.

The region is also well connected to the rest of the country by railway. There are several daily trains from London's King Cross station, that stop in Newcastle. Some trains also stop in Alnmouth and Morpeth.

In addition to car, train and aeroplanes, it is also possible to reach Northumberland by ferry from the Netherlands and countries in Scandinavia, as well as by intercity buses, from London-Victoria, Manchester and Birmingham.
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