I'd Like To Take My Dog On Holiday To Cornwall, Do You Have A List Of Dog-friendly Hotels?


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A short break by the sea may well not seem quite complete without your dog by your side. It is lucky, therefore, that Cornwall boasts one of the largest selections of dog-friendly accommodation in Britain.

On the north coast of the county, the pretty village of Crantock offers Highfield Lodge and the Great Western Farmhouse, both of which will happily accommodate your pet. Further south you can find the Oyster Lodge in Falmouth, two minutes' walk from the beach, also boasting a friendly policy towards bikers, children, music and walkers.

Newquay has fewer pet-friendly establishments, but the Three Tees Hotel, a nine-bedroom building on Carminow Way, is an exception. This hotel is also worth investigating for its close proximity to both the beach and town centre.

If you are looking to travel in a large group, Creek House in Truro may be more suitable. This is a large family home which sleeps nine, with easy access to Truro Creek through its own private garden. The House can only be let as a whole, but could be perfect for a large family holiday.
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There are few pet friendly Hotels available.They are:

Newquay,Creek House in Truro,Cornwall in Britain,Oyster Lodge in Falmouth,

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Motel 6.
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I would like to do self catering as I have 2 dogs

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