I Am Going On Holiday To Tunisia, Do I Need Any Jabs?


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Tunisia is a beautiful place to visit and as such is a safe tourist destination. Depending on the duration of your stay it is recommended that one takes the standard jabs before traveling to any country. Vaccines for protection against Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Rabies and Tetanus would be the highly recommended ones.

Your physician or a Travel Medicine specialist would be able to guide you in the type of vaccines you need to take as also the schedule which generally depends on your age, past medical history and the date on which you will be leaving. Another thing to watch out for would be water borne diseases and a prophylaxis against stomach disorders would be ideal. Also it would be wise to take enough sunscreen with you and keep yourself well hydrated in the sunny weather of Tunisia.
Malaria is not a danger in Tunisia and as such mosquitoes are not as much of a menace here as in some other places. Today travel insurance involving not only your belongings but also covering your health expenses is a practical necessity as one has to be prepared in advance for any unforeseen event.

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