How Do I Pack A Man's Suit In A Suitcase?


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Travelling with a suit can be a tricky procedure. Especially because you will want to make sure that when you get there the suit is in the same crease-free state you left it in.
Bringing a suit with you on a trip can either mean business or some type of formal event, so you will want to make sure that it is in perfect condition when you arrive at your destination.
Sometimes suits come with their own bags, but in these days of tight and limited travel another bag can just be another issue. So it is best to learn to learn to pack it in the case by itself.
To make sure you don’t take up room and your suit is wrinkle free, follow these instructions.
Lay the suit flat over the case. Place the collar over the backside of the case and make sure the bottom half hangs off the suit case.
As you would fold a shirt, fold the arms of the suit. Make sure the sleeves are touching against the breast of the suit.
Then put the suit pants on top of the coat. Fold the pants as if you were hanging them and then lay them the opposite way to the jacket on the case with the top of the waist touching the right sleeve and the cases side.
Turn the coat bottom up half over the trousers. Fold it carefully and avoid crinkles. The coat will be inside the suitcase now and your pants will be hanging out the side of it.
Bring half the suit pants over the top end of the jacket and fold them flat over the suit.
Your suit should now be packed tidily in your case and you should have no issues with crinkles, wrinkles or luggage allowance if you follow the guidelines
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Wrinkled suits are a common problem of business travellers. There are some tactics that can help though!

Department stores now sell machine washable and no-iron business suits. If that doesn't take your fancy, rolling rather than folding your business suit can minimize wrinkles. You can do this by gently rolling your suit around other clothes when you pack it. Because you are not creasing the suit in packing, it comes out of your suitcase without the harsh lines. Also, be sure to remove your suit from your luggage as soon as you arrive. Hang it so that wrinkles can fall out. Another helpful tactic is to gently steam your suit at your destination by simply hanging it on the outside of the shower when you bathe. Be sure that it is out of shot of the water though. A wet wrinkled suit is surely ten times worse than a wrinkled suit!
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Suits are usually stored in their own carry bags which are often separate from a suitcase. However, if you need to put it inside a suitcase, then rolling the suit could prevent creases even though not entirely. That is the best possible alternative I could think of or you could tailor a suit made of a crease-free material.

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Packing a Man's suit in a suit case has always been a problem. The following link I found has step by step illustration of how to go about it supported by pictures. It's really easy.
Packing suits

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