What Is The Best Way To Pack A Suitcase?


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Your suitcases should be lightweight but strong, with a firm handle and lock, plus an identifying mark or label so that they are easily recognized. Expensive cases are not necessarily the best, as they can be too heavy. On the other hand, very light ones may split in time. Some find it helpful to use cases that have small wheels attached so that they can be pushed along instead of being carried.

Pack as tightly as possible. Put your shoes at the back of the case so that they are on the bottom when the case is upright. Fill the corners with little items. Breakable articles should be packed in the middle, between layers of clothing. Some recommend that certain clothes be rolled rather than laid flat. It is surprising how much extra space is left when clothing is rolled tightly. If you pack liquid toiletries in your luggage, they should be in unbreakable, non-eaking containers. However, it is not necessary to take much of these, as they are easily obtained in most places.

Some have found it practical to put a smaller suitcase inside a larger one. This can then be used for bringing home purchases that you make on your trip.
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There are many videos on youtube that show how to maximize space in a suitcase to increase its storage. Most of the clothing get rolled instead of folded whereas socks and stored inside shoes. There are other tricks to follow which need creativity but quite simple to perform.

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As light as possible.  Plan out exactly what you will wear each day (mixing & matching).  Otherwise you will end up with far more than you need.  A well-planned carry-on can save lots of money in baggage fees.

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