What Is The Time Difference Between New Zealand And Miami, Florida?


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Its actually 17 hours. The person on top is right about how Miami is -5hr GMT and New Zealand is +12 GMT but thats based in GMT so you have to go to realize that its the 5 hours to the 12 hours since they are located on opposite ends of GMT hence that one is a negative number and the other is positive. You go from -5 to 0 = 5hours and then 0 to 12 = 12 hours. 12 +5 = 17hours.
6 hours difference would land you the time for Western Europe around France.
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The time difference is 7 hours. Miami is -5 hours GMT and New Zealand(North island) is +12 hours GMT. The time difference is 6 hours, Miami is -5 hours GMT and New Zealand(south island) is +11 hours GMT. Hope this is ok.

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