How Do I Get To The Nearest Beach From Pittsburgh, PA?


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I am wanting to go deep sea fishing in the atlantic
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According to the information on internet, Presque Isle State Park, which is on the Erie Lake, is the nearest beach to Pittsburgh. It takes around two hours to reach this place. The beach is located at the north of Pittsburgh. This beach has sand and track which are used for cycling. It is also liked by bird viewers and skaters. However it depends on which part of Pittsburgh you are staying. If you are on the western part, then the beach parallel to Penn Lincoln Parkway would be the nearest beach for you.

I would suggest you buy a book or map which shows you the proper information about the prominent places of Pittsburg. It is fairly possible that you may get information on the closest beach to your place. These maps may also help you with the driving directions and route which leads to the beach. You can log on to to see the nearest beach.
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That is a beautiful park but it is on Lake Erie not the Atlantic ocean. I think Atlantic City NJ would be your closest.

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