What Is The Nearest Beach To Arkansas?


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Some of the nearest beaches to Arkansas are as follows:

• Holly Beach, Louisiana
• Gulf Shores, Al

Holly Beach, Louisiana is around 485 miles drive away and would take around 8 hours and 40 minutes by car.

Gulf Shores, Al is around 550 miles drive away and would take around 10 hours by car.

When finding out distances and travel times between locations it is always useful to use a program such as Google Maps. This is fairly easy to use and completely free to do so. You can find out both the distance in miles, the step-by-step directions and also the estimated travel times for different modes of transport.

To use Google Maps simply follow these steps:

• Head to • Click on 'Get Directions'
• Type in your starting point in 'Box A'
• Type in your desired destination in 'Box B'
• Click 'Get Directions'
• You will then be given the distance in miles and the predicted travel time

You can also access Google Maps on most smartphones. For example on the iPhone simply click on the app that says 'Maps'. You can then type in your starting point and desired location and it will tell you the distance and estimated travel time.

GPS systems or Sat Navs can also be very useful when planning a journey. You do not even need to be in a car to use one as most have an internal battery and so can be taken into the house if you are just wishing to check distances and times.

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