What Is The Closest Beach To Pittsburgh,pa?


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Lake Erie is the closest beach to Pittsburgh at around a three hour drive away. The closest is not necessarily the best though and it may be worthwhile driving a little further away for a little bit more.

Here are some other options for you to consider:

  • If you have more time and want to go to the Atlantic coast, head towards the beaches at Atlantic City, Cape May and New Jersey. Due to their location though, these beaches can often get a little overcrowded.
  • Although it should be avoided during hurricane season, Grand Banks beach in North Caroline is a quieter and more peaceful beach. It is 11 hour's drive away from Pittsburgh.
  • Ocean City beach in Maryland is another option. Although it does take around 7 hours driving time to reach the beach, it is worth the trip as it has a great atmosphere and is very clean.
  • Myrtle beach in South Carolina is quite a drive at around 13 hours though it is very family orientated. There are plenty of activities on offer and the beach does not get overly crowded.
  • Virginia Beach in Virginia is another option. From Pittsburgh it will take around 8 hours driving time. It too can get a bit crowded at peak times though.

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