What Are The Best Places In Pakistan To Be Enjoyed By Tourists?


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Pakistan is just like heaven for tourists. It is full of beautiful places full of greenery high mountains flowing beautiful rivers and lakes; all you have to do is just to visit those places. First thing for tourist is to get a map of Pakistan, as it will help full and make your whole tour easy.

If we talk about the city of lights" Karachi", it's just full of fun and enjoyment. Here you can find each and every thing for very high to very low class. About Karachi it's famous that it's never sleep and that's true about it. If you want to enjoy you day at cool and calm beach you can go to "paradise point" "Hawks bay". Shopping plaza's is: gulf shopping mall, zamzama. If you want some thing at low price ,you can go to Zainab market, Bohrii Bazaar. The entire item, from all house hold item up till dresses you will find all kind of stuff over there.

If there is summer season, you can enjoy your season in Northern Areas. Northern Areas of Pakistan are really very amazing from tourism point of view. Famous places where you can go, and enjoy your time are: Swat, Chitral, Hunza, Gilgit, Neelam Valley, Kalam and the most outstanding place "MALAM JABBA". There are many other places as well like Muree, Nhattiya -Galli, and Abbotabad.
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Pakistan is a country of legends, high mountains, beautiful lands, and fairy lakes, brave and friendly people. Pakistan is a country of a strong religion, culture & adventure tours. There are many exciting modes for adventure & thrill seekers. There is all type of adventure tours in Pakistan. The adventures are divided in four different provinces as Sind, Punjab, NWFP and Baloschitan. There are many facilities in terms of equipment rental service and have contracts with jeep providers and hotels all over northern & Southern Pakistan. You can cater for Adventure in the Karakorums, Himalayas Hindukush Mountains and from Arabian Sea to the Southern Deserts of Thar & Cholistan. Travel guides can organize Trekking, Jeep Safaris, camel safaris and boat safaris in the Indus and Wild boar hunting tours in Pakistan. Even if you are going by own even than you can arrange very easily. These services are available at these places. But it is best if you can hire transport from Islamabad or Rawalpindi that will be easier.

There are many places you can cater like if you have plan to go in province of Sind than you can go to thata, maklie,bhambur of Karachi, moenjodaro ,kainjhar lake and karli lake., desert of thar .than in province of Punjab, Lahore you can visit historical places , badshai mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, mehal of noorjehan, Sufi-saint Datta kanjbaksh.

Many beautiful parks, in Islamabad you can go to Faisal mosque, Shakarparian,margalla hills. With two hour drives you can move to Texila a city of monuments, crafts, poultry and statue of Buddha you can visit Texila museum. NWFP you can find best places for shopping. If you are thrill seeker than move to hill stations like Murree, gilgit,hunza, abotobad,kaghan,swat and the most lake of saifulmalook lake of fairies. You can go to Quetta, ziarat where you can visit residency house of Quaid-e-Azam our father of nation.
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Dozen of beautiful and exciting places are there to be visited if one wishes to visit the Land of Pure people.

God has gifted Pakistan with various natures gift. With Mountains, rivers, forest, lakes, beaches and deserts, Pakistan couldn't have asked for more.

Northern Areas are a must visit for tourist who would be enthralled by exotic nature beauty that Pakistan has to offer. Places such as Murry, Bhurban and Skurdu being the most visited places all year around.

For the ones who are on the search of James Hilton Shangri-la, then Pakistan is the place to be. Most noted historians have regarded the Skardu utopia to be the inspiration for Hilton's Lost Horizon.

For adventurer maniacs, who wish to explore new horizon, Pakistan becomes the most suitable place, as they can make their way to the unseen beauty all on their own.

"Who cares? I would rather go to Switzerland!" if that's what you are thinking, then hold on, Pakistan has to offer more than your imagination. With deserts in the west and south and Beaches to the south. Nature is one thing you wont miss. However Pakistan has that one bit extra that makes it unique.

With various theme parks in the major cities, you can get the feel of any modern day city.

All said and done, a very Rich Culture brings with itself thousands years of history. The remains of Indus Civilization can be seen by visiting the city of Moen Jo-daro. If that's not enough then mosques such as Faisal mosque and Badshahi Mosque reveal the true Rich Islamic Culture of Pakistan.

There is too much that one wouldn't want to miss. Pack your bags and come over to Pakistan. Who knows? Your own Shangri-la might well be waiting for you!
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What are the best placed in Pakistan (karachi) where kids can enjoy a lot

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