What Are Some Tourist Attractions In Pakistan?


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There are many tourists' spots in Pakistan. These spots are spread all over the country.
Different valleys in Pakistan are worth visiting. Prominent ones are Naran Valley. Lake Saif-ul-Maluk is one of its main attractions. This lake is considered to be Pakistan's most beautiful lake. Although there are no developed roads that take you to this lake but this adds to the adventure.

If anyone dares to go ahead on the high mountains on a risky path then there is another lake ahead of Lake Saif-ul-Maluk. That lake is called Ansu Lake. The shape of that lake is like a tear drop. It's worth visiting.
Another famous valley of Pakistan is Swat valley. It is also very beautiful valley with the city of Kalam the main tourist's spot. Many tourists travel to Kalam, stay there and make their way to nearby attractions from that city.

Pakistan's skiing spot is in this valley. Its name is Malaam Jaba. Many people from all over the country visit this place in winter to enjoy the skiing. It gets very cold during winter with the temperature dropping several degrees below the freezing point. This valley also has a beautiful lake which is called Mahodand lake.
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Dessert cholistan  is one of the fantastic beauty of pakistan
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Some tourist attraction in Pakistan are Paradise point in karachi, Harrapa a historical site near Lahore, Hunza valley it has the palace of king Hunza and Chitral this is the place were princess Diana also known as '' lady Diana''.
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Pakistan has many excellent and breathtaking tourist spots spread all over the country. From Arabian Sea to the mammoth Himalayan hill resorts, this country carry with it a lot of breathtaking natural scenery.
To start with, Arabian sea in Karachi present a magnificent green sea water to spent your summers in serene atmosphere of sea shores. Turtles' beach, and French beach are two most attractive places to watch and enjoy the sun bath on the sand.

Pakistan has one of the largest belts of hills spread over a huge area. Swat is a valley famous for its Buddhist past. Many centuries ago the Buddhist monks travelling from all over the region came to this valley to perform meditations and train their minds. The Ghandara Civilization Museum in Swat valley is the living example of how Buddhist civilization flourished in this region. Any person who love to spend sometime in nature listening to the natural sounds of water flowing from top of the mountains will love to live in this place.

Another very attractive area which is rich with its lush green mountains and natural and pollution free atmosphere is the area of Azad Jamu and Kashmir. Bordering India this is perhaps the most beautiful spot on the face of earth.
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Pakistan is the most beautiful tourist spot in the world.....different countries have one or two main items for tourist but Pakistan is full of stunning beauty ..large mountain belt........the top hills.....rivers.........and especially the most most beautiful ppl......

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