How Much Is Flight Ticket From Nigeria To Dubai?


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Flight tickets from Nigeria to Dubai can vary dramatically depending on when you are planning to fly, from which airports you want to depart and arrive, and whether you want a direct or indirect flight. The current average price ranges from £450 to £1000 ($730 to $1600). These estimations are made with the presumption that you are flying between Lagos and Dubai International Airport. There is money to be saved by researching flights and finding the best deal possible. Direct flights are available between Nigeria and Dubai and although they are slightly more expensive, they can take up to two hours off your travelling time. Flight time can vary from between six hours and eight hours with different airlines providing varying routes and alternative airports.

You may be able to reduce the cost of your flight ticket from Nigeria to Dubai by booking in advance. The earlier you can start looking for flights, the cheaper it will be. Paying for flights last minute can cost hundreds of pounds extra and leaving it so late may not even guarantee that you can get a seat. Start looking for available flights as soon as you know the dates you are planning on travelling. It is also possible to reduce flight ticket costs by being flexible in the dates and particularly the days you can travel. The summer months, June to September, are always much more expensive to travel in. If you can avoid travelling at this time you will notice a large difference in the cost of your flight. You do not need to be as extreme as avoiding whole months of travelling, you can save a bit of money by just choosing to fly off-peak. Weekends are more expensive to fly in, as are prime travelling times during the day. If you are available to fly mid-week and do not mind travelling through the night, often you will find that these journeys are cheaper.
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