How Much Costs A Flight Ticket From Lagos Nigeria To USA?


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It all depends on a number of factors as a flight ticket could be a lot cheaper if you decide to book well in advance of your trip. For example, if you would like to fly from Lagos to New York City then it might cost you as little as £500 if you book three to six months ahead.

However, if you need an urgent flight, the price tends to be more expensive. This is because you have made a last minute request and seats will be highly desirable. In order to find the best deals on flights, you should take the opportunity to visit flight comparison websites.

From a wide choice of sources, they will be able to contrast a variety of airlines and prices - all in one space. Try and visit or to find out just how much your flight will cost.

For example, if you decide to take a trip from Lagos to see the fully glory of the American capital in Washington, D.C., you will discover there are only a handful of direct flights. On the whole you will need to take two flights which will extend your travel journey.

In some cases it will involve a flight from Lagos to Doha in Qatar and then a connecting flight from Doha to Washington, D.C. With prices varying from $1250 to more than $1600. There are even a handful of flights where you might have to change twice along the journey which will make the total flight cost even more expensive.

So in conclusion it depends on a number of important factors including advance booking, number of connecting flights and where in the United States of America you wish to fly to. The further you fly, the pricier it will become, especially, if you are traveling right across the U.S.A. To California or Las Vegas.

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