Nigeria To China How Much Is Air Ticket Fare?


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The difficulty in answering a question of this nature is that no particular cities are mentioned in terms of the flight details. China is a vast nation of many towns and airports and Nigeria also has a few airports. Each of which offer various flights to and from different destinations, so naming a price for a flight is a little hypothetical without knowing exact details.

  • Flights between any Chinese city and the African nation of Nigeria are relatively new. As recently as 2006 the new route was proposed between the two nations as China opens up its transport links to and from other nations.
  • Trade was seen as the main reason for the two nations extending their links. In 2005, the estimated trade both ways between the two was estimated at $2.9 billion. Due to this figure, China is now Nigeria's second largest trading partner, after South Africa. Obviously due to this, migrant workers needed a cost effective way of traveling between the two countries.
  • A main artery route opened between China's capital Beijing and the former Nigerian capital, Lagos; West Africa's largest city with a population of 14 million, in late 2006.
  • The route was initially only opened as a lay-over only, but Air China now offers flights between the two nations. In term of fares, due to the fact that there are still relatively few flights between the two countries fares can be high. The fare, based on one adult returning 10 days after their departure date on a round-trip basis can start from $1,640.
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hey bro, which city are you flying to? If not decided yet, i have some recommendations, e.g. Beijing,  the capital city of China; Shanghai, an international high fashion city.  As to the price, you can check China travel agency, they will have all your questions answered. Thanks

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