How Far Is San Antonio Texas From Oklahoma City?


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The accurate mileage from San Antonio in Texas to Oklahoma City is 467 miles or 751 kilometres. If you are planning to drive then the journey can be expected to take 7 hours 38 minutes though obviously this can depend a lot on the time of day that you travel and the traffic along the way. The best way to get there is to use Interstate 35, this highway takes you directly north out of the state of Texas, through Fort Worth and Dallas and into across the border into southern Oklahoma.
San Antonio is the seventh largest city in The USA and the second largest in the state of Texas with a population of 1.3 million. Situated in the south west of the nation the city was named for San Antonio de Padua by Spanish explorers when they passed through the area in 1691. Since then it has grown immensely, being named as the fourth fastest growing city between 2000 and 2006 and the fifth largest between 2007 and 2008. San Antonio has a large military presence as many military and air force bases are situated nearby. 
Oklahoma City, on the other hand, ranks just 31st in terms of population in the US. It is the state capital and largest city in the state of Oklahoma with a population of 600,000. The city was formed during the land run of 1889 and nowadays boasts one of the largest livestock markets in the world.
If the 7-hour drive is too long for some, a number of airlines in the south west area offer reasonably priced flights between the two cities. You can pick up a one-way ticket for around $120 and a round trip fare of $260 is available, but you need to book in advance as the route can be popular. The flight time is 1 hour 2 minutes.
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Wow didnt realize it would be that far... Thank you

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