How Many Hours Between Oklahoma City, Ok And Arlington, Texas?


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Hours is a time measurement.  The only way to tell how far apart they are in time is to know the rate they are moving together.  Oklahoma city and Arlington seem to be on the same tectonic plate and move in the same direction so I don't think they will ever meet.
If you want to know how long it would take to travel from one to the other, you need to relate the time to some method of travel.  If you ride Amtrak from OK to FW and catch a bus to Arlington it would be faster than if you rode a bicycle but Amtrak only runs once a day so if you miss the train, go ahead and take off on the bike.  Assuming automobile travel, MapQuest says:
Total Estimated Time: 3.0 hours 25 minutes

Total Estimated Distance: 212.39 miles

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I agree with the previous answers.  Depending on the address you are leaving and going to.  Get on the Internet and type in driving directions.  That will give you the driving directions, the exact miles and time.  Good luck.

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