How To Make Introduction Thesis In Hotel Restaurant Management?


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If you're studying hotel and restaurant management and are required to write an introductory thesis, the first thing you'll need to do is carry out extensive research on the topic in question. If you're not given a specific area of the course to investigate into further and produce an extended piece of writing on, this would indicate that you need to come up with your own ideas in terms of what exactly to base your thesis around.

Some good ideas for thesis writing on hotel and restaurant management are as follows: Strategies used to attract customers to a hotel or restaurant facility; problems that occur in the up-keeping and management of hotels and restaurants; how to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible; ways of measuring customer satisfaction; employee motivation and reward systems; and health and safety concerns in a hotel or restaurant environment.

All of the above listed topics are broad enough for you to carry out individual investigations into in order to produce a thorough and high-quality essay. You may even want to combine two areas of hotel and restaurant management together in your thesis for a more in-depth account that will help you access higher marks. This would work particularly well using two overlapping topics that have a lot in common; for example, 'how to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible' and 'ways of measuring customer satisfaction' could both feature in the same report.

When combining topics, however, you need to make sure you don't commit the ultimate crime in thesis writing: Sacrificing quality for quantity. As long as you fulfill the world requirement given by your tutor or examining board, you needn't worry about the length of your essay, as this is entirely irrelevant. What you really need to focus on is the content itself, how good it is and how well it matches the brief you were given.

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