How To Wright A Narrative Report For Hotel And Restaurant Management?


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In order to write a strong narrative report, you need to know exactly what a narrative report is. If you are about to write a narrative report, then you must consider the following: The opinions and facts you choose to state in your narrative report will be read with view that they are credible. When writing a narrative report, you are documenting your own experiences and contributions in a factual way, which will be easily understood by both those who are in the same field of expertise as you, and those outside of it.

As a result, you could only really write a narrative report about hotel and restaurant management from one perspective - that is, if you have been a hotel and restaurant manager. Your narrative report will be held in high esteem and credibility if you have owned and/or managed your own hotel and restaurant, because you have direct experience engaging in the roles and situations which will be experienced by other hotel and restaurant managers. You should document these experiences, events and your reactions to them in the first person: Writing "I bought this" or "I sold that" is the accepted and most common way of writing a narrative report. Do not be afraid to be descriptive in your narrative report, or to put your own opinions and beliefs into the report - this is exactly what your readers are looking for. The word "narrative", from a literary point of view, literally refers to a story and the way in which the author chooses to tell it. As such, it may be helpful to think of your narrative report as a story about your own, personal experiences in the hotel and restaurant management business.

However, one danger you should avoid in narrative report writing is creating a report which is too long-winded. Although your narrative report should be descriptive and opinionated, you should keep it concise and to the point. Do not stray from the point by adding in stories or allegories which are somehow, possibly, distantly related to what you're actually trying to say - ensure you keep focused on your main points throughout.
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