Can You Give List Of Thesis Title In Hotel & Restaurant Management?


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A thesis is 'a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved'. A thesis title, therefore, is the first thing a potential customer will see and this will be their first impressions of the business. Having a good title is a key component to success in, not only the hotel and restaurant business, but any other businesses. The thesis title should be:

• Creative
• Eye catching
• Informative/ instructive/ descriptive
• Focused on the subject

Humor may also be used to attract customers if it is relevant to the subject.

To create a title, you must have a thesis. A title cannot be made unless there is a thesis to base it upon, as then it may not be relevant to what the hotel and restaurant is providing. The thesis title should focus on what the company is offering and be well structured. It should also be brief and to the point. You may want to make several titles and ask the opinions of other colleagues what they think will work the best to attract customers to ensure that your business has the greatest chance it can have to attract customers by the thesis title.

When you have created your thesis, you must have former knowledge of the restaurant and hotel management area or at least have access to such knowledge.

Examples of thesis titles in hotel and restaurant management can be found online, for example, 'Hospitality from the Heart', 'Practical Application of the Five Second Rule' and many others. As you can see in these two examples, the thesis will be completely different as the titles are not aiming to provide them same services. However, using your own unique title will be much more beneficial to hotel and restaurant management.

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