Suggest A Title About The Thesis In Hotel Restaurant And Management?


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If I don't know what the thesis is completely about then a title cannot be suggested. The title is really important, as it needs to reflect precisely what the thesis is about, not just sum it up in general. There are many areas under hotel restaurant and management that could be studied in a thesis.

You need to start with your title page when writing your thesis, and this needs to include a title page, the subtitle, your name and the name of your institution. The date of delivery and the faculty advisor's name must be present, too. You then need to create an abstract. This abstract should explain the purpose of your paper in just one sentence. You then need to summarize all of the major points of the paper, and this should be between one and two paragraphs long.

The thesis should also include a table of contents. This should contain a page number list, too, for everything that's been included in the paper, from the appendices to the list of figures. All subheadings in the thesis should be indented as well.

Then, continue with a list of figures as well as a list of tables, including all of the page numbers. Then you need to write the introduction, too, which will introduce the idea or the theory that you are trying to portray. It's this theory or idea that you need to express in the title, so think of one that is short, but covers exactly what you're trying to do in your thesis. If you can't think of one then there's nothing wrong asking people in your institution for help. Your lecturer will be able to talk to you about how to come up with titles, and he or she will help you as much as they are allowed to when it comes to writing your thesis.

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