Is There A Direct Train From Rome Airport, Fiumicino To Arezzo In Tuscany?


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To get from Rome Fiumicino to Arezzo, Tuscany, I would suggest travelling into the center of Rome and then catching a train directly to Arezzo.

Travelling from Fiumicino to Arezzo

Unfortunately, there is no direct train from Fiumicino to Arezzo, so your journey will have to be completed in two parts:

Getting from Fiumicino to Rome

The airport of Fiumicino (also known as Aeroproto Leonardo Da Vinci) is located south-west of Rome and is connected to Rome by two different train lines:

  • The 'Leonardo Express' is the fastest connection between Fiumicino and Rome. It has a journey time of around 30 minutes, and will take you to Rome's main train station: Termini. This train service costs around €14, and is handy because it operates even during transport strikes (if you've ever lived in Italy you'll know how rare that is!)
  • The 'FR1 Fara Sabina Fiumicino' line is another option for travelling into Rome. This metropolitan train line stops at the following train stations in Rome: Tiburtina, Tuscolana, Ostiense, Trastevere. If you're using this train service, you will need to get off at a station like Tiburtina, and then ride the Metro B underground line to Termini.
The Aeroporti di Roma website has information about both train services.
Getting from Rome to Arezzo

To travel to Arezzo, you'll need to travel out of Rome's main train station: Termini.

Trains are fairly regular, and can be purchased from machines in the main concourse, or from ticket counters. A ticket to Arezzo will usually set you back somewhere between €12 - €25 (depending on what class you travel, the time of day etc..)

Tickets can also be purchased in advance from the TreniItalia website.
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You should go from Fiumicino to Rome Termini station, and from Termini there are trains which go through Arezzo - so you don't need to go to Florence.
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you can purchase the tickets at the train station in the airport. There are many trains going that way so I doubt if they will be booked. This gives you the flexibility in case of a flight delay.

Plan on taking the Leonardo Express right into Termini then you arrive right in the station and are not worrying about traffic delays with a taxi.

The Leonardo Express departs every 30 minutes for Termini.

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