What Is The Driving Distance Between Louisville, Ky To Mobile Alabama?


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Rosie Normanton answered
There are three routes one can take from Louisville to Mobile, though the most sensible, effective and driver-friendly route is to take Interstate 65 in a Southwards direction for about six hundred miles. At an average speed the drive will take ten hours without rest breaks, and this route will take you through the cities of Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL and Montgomery, AL. To add an hour onto the journey, and to go via Tuscaloosa, take the I-65 South for 270 miles, then head from Decatur driving on mostly freeways (US-31 South for 16 miles, AL-24 West for 20 and AL-33 South for 26 then AL-74 West/ US-278 West for 13 and onto the AL-13 South for 60 miles before hitting the I-20 West/I-59 South for 26 heading towards the US-43 South Freeway for 25 miles then the AL-13 South/ US-43 South heading back on the I-65 to Mobile for 10 miles); this route works out at a few miles fewer than just driving along the I-65. For a third and more painful route, adding seventy or so miles to your journey, go via Nashville, Chattanooga and Birmingham using the I-65 South, the I-24 East and the I-59 South before returning to the I-65 South.

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