What Is The Closest Beach To Louisville, KY?


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According to online mapping systems, the closest beaches to Louisville, KY, lie in Chicago on the bank of Lake Michigan. It is approximately 300 miles from Louisville, KY, to Lake Michigan, and the drive takes around five and a half hours. Some notable beaches on the Lake Michigan include:

• The Oak Street Beach - this is one of the most popular beaches in Chicago and its incredibly flat and clean surrounding sidewalks mean it is a favorite site of those who love to roller skate, skateboard, and cycle.
• Loyola Leone Beach - this beach is the longest in Chicago, and is a favorite for swimming enthusiasts, as it is one of the few beaches open before 9.30am during the summer
• The Evanston Beaches - there are five beaches located around Evanston, and their location (just north of Chicago city) means they have a beautiful view of the very heart of Chicago

However, if you're looking for beaches on a sea coastline, you'll be in for a much longer drive. The nearest stretch of coastline to Louisville, KY, is in Virginia Beach, found on the coast of Virginia. The distance from Louisville, KY, to Virginia Beach, Virginia, is approximately 700 miles, and the drive takes around 11 and a half hours. Virginia Beach is very popular with tourists, as its coastline is a short distance away from the city center. The beach's location means it enjoys around 200 days of sun per year, with average temperatures never dropping below 30˚ Fahrenheit, even in the winter. Virginia Beach has its own website, which can be found at Here, you will be able to find lots of information about Virginia Beach, including:

• The best places to eat
• Seafront activities and water sports
• The best accommodation in and around Virginia Beach

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