How Does A Jamaican Citizen Get A Visa To Travel To The Us


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It is very difficult to get a visa to travel to the u.s.a from jamaica,some are lucky. But sometimes even luck alone cannot do it. First thing that you have to do is send a invitation letter to your friend in jamaica,,he will in turn apply to the embassy in Jamaica along with anon refundable fee for a date to get an interview. This date can take from three months to a year. Depending on availability, but it is usually a first come  first serve basis. When your friend is notified of his acceptance for a date he will have also gotten a list of necessary documents needed to take for the interview, first and formost a current passport . A valid bank statement and also documents that will ensure his intention to return to jamaica i.e. Ties.  another item he can furnish is a land title, which shows that he has property. That he is coming back to. And he can pray real hard.
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To just visit for a short trip for fun you do not need a VISA, but if you intend to work here or go to school here you will need one.

Unless you go to Mexico first, then just come on in and go to San Francisco where you will be greeted with open arms and get free medical, dental, and even a driver's license.
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I am a jamaican with a canadian pr card want to go to ja
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I am5 months old
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I believe you just need a passport! I think you can stay for up to six months with a passport in the usa. I think a visa is only needed if you plan to work in the US! Just to be on the safe side,you should double check with Air Jamaica or the Jamaican government! By the way, I love Jamaica and am going there in a couple of weeks! I love it there! Why would you want to visit the US? Outside of NY, I understand! Unless you have family here, that is different! Anyway, good luck!

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