What Is The Time Distance Between Hawaii And The East Coast Of The US?


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Given that Hawaii doesn’t observe daylight saving time, it will either be five or six hours throughout the year. From the middle of March, until the beginning of November, the East Coast will be six hours ahead. The rest of the year, the time difference will be just five hours (of course, the East Coast will still be ‘ahead’ in time).

Daylight saving time, is a practice of temporarily advancing the clocks during the summertime, so that afternoons will provide more daylight and the mornings will have less. Generally, in countries that still do this, the clocks will just be adjusted forwards one hour during the beginning of spring. The clocks are turned back eventually, too, at some point during the Autumn. Modern daylight saving time was initially proposed by George Vernon Hudson back in 1895, and many countries have adopted this practice since then. The details will vary by different locations, and the ways in which it is performed will change on occasion. Given that the time is eventually put back, it doesn’t matter whether or not the practice changes.

When working out the time difference between places, you must remember which country is ahead and which country is behind, as this could cause a problem with your estimations and expectations when you are travelling. The country that is ahead will be the country that is in the same day, most of the time, but is later on in the day. For instance, if it is 05:00 local time in Hawaii, it will be 10:00 or 11:00 in the East Coast of America. It will only become the next day, in the East Coast, once the time reaches 18:00 or 19:00 in the Hawaii time zone. Remember this and you can’t go wrong.

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