What Is The Farthest Distance Between The East And West US Coastlines?


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Do you count Alaska? What about Hawaii? And then do we consider islands offshore the Carolinas?

Assuming you're only interested in the lower 48, do you want to go crossways -- from Maine to California or Washington State to Florida -- or do you want to stay on the same latitude (always same distance from the North pole?

So many options, so here are answers, correct within 5 miles I imagine for the corners, and about 25 miles error margin for the same latitude measurements. I suspect the answer you're after is Maine to Washington State, 2756 miles.

Maine to Imperial Beach (Mexican border) in San Diego County: 2789 miles

Washington State to tip of Florida (start of Keys): 2875 miles

Distances, staying on the same latitude:
44 deg. north (Maine to Washington State): 2756 miles

41.5 deg. north (roughly Cape Cod to Oregon) 2746 miles

38.5 deg. north (roughtly SFO to near Washington DC): 2593

34.5 deg. north (Big Sur to south of Washington DC): 2523 miles

32.5 deg. north (San Diego to Carolinas): 2134 miles

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