How Far Is China From The United States?


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Both China and the US are both extremely large countries and so the distances between them vary depending where you take the measurements from. On average they are separated by about 6,000 miles but if you take the shortest distance between mainland United States and mainland China then this can be found along the Northern Alaskan Arctic Ocean, at that heading the distance reduces to just 2,600miles.

The distance between the capitals Washington DC and Beijing is 11,172 kilometres or 6942 miles. Technically speaking though the distance is much less because the US has bases and owns the islands of Guam and Saipan which are right next to the Philippines and therefore only a few hundred miles from the Chinese border.

Los Angeles to Hong Kong is 7195 miles and LA to Shanghai 6438 miles with flights taking somewhere in the region of 15 to 17 hours.

China and USA are often debated as to which is the third largest country in the world behind Russia and Canada. The uncertainty is due to the inclusion of outlying territories such as Puerto Rico and Taiwan.

China is the most populous country in the world, with a population of almost 1.4 billion. With such a huge workforce, the Chinese economy is now the second largest powerful economy in the world, second only behind the US. With China's increasing influence on world trade, they are on track to become the largest and most powerful economy in the world within the next few years.
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By Air from Beijing China To San Francisco it will take approximately 5 hours.

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They are both massively big countries. Anywhere between 1700 and 9400 miles apart.

At their closest (Attu Island in the Aleutians -- Alaska -- to North East China), the USA and China are only 1703 miles / 2738 km apart.

That's about the same as California to East Texas.

From middle of China to middle of USA, straightline distance, is (very roughly) 6989 miles / 11,248 km.

Capital to capital -- DC to Beijing, is 6937 miles / 11,164 km.

The far end of the one country to the other (Florida Keys to the far end of Hainan Island) is 9359 miles / 15,062 km.
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The distance between Washington DC USA to Beijing, China is 11,172 kilometers or 6942 miles or 6033 nautical miles.
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From what I researched; which honestly now thinking about it it seems a little outlandish, but I figured up 8284. So, you can not always trust the internet. Do a little digging using a geographical website or something. I think your answer will be a little more accurate this way.
I hope this helps.
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900 miles
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The important distances are as follows:
5,173mi. Los Angeles to the eastern border of China
4,349mi. Seattle to the most eastern border of China

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