What Is The Capital Of China?


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The capital of China is Beijing. Beijing has a population of approximately 13 million people, and covers an area of 6487 square miles. The city is autonomous, and also maintains the status accorded to a province in China. As the capital, Beijing is the political center point of China, and is also the cultural, economic, military, and academic hub. It still retains part of the grandeur of the Mind Dynasty (14-17 A.D). The city is also a major tourist attraction.

The name of the Chinese capital was Peking earlier, and was subsequently changed to Beijing. Do not confuse Peking to be another city; it is the earlier name for the same city, which happens to be the Chinese capital. Therefore, the city has essentially remained the same, only the name has changed.

Different names are due to the government changing the transliteration system it was following to convert Chinese characters into the Roman alphabets. The system used earlier was the Wade-Giles system. This system has now been overhauled by the Chinese government, and it is using the Pinyin system currently. The name as per the Pinyin system is Beijing.
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Beijing is the capital city.
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Beijing is the capital of China. Its a great city to watch and travel.

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