How Far Is It From Beijing, China To Paris, France?


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Beijing in China to the French capital, Paris is a distance of some 5119 miles or 8238 kilometres as the crow flies. If you were able to sail in a straight line between these two capitals (not that that is going to happen any time soon) it would be a distance of 4448 nautical miles.

You will also cross several time zones doing this journey. At the moment, the time difference between Beijing and Paris is six hours. At the time of writing it is 16.34 in Paris and 22.34 in Beijing.

Flying would be most people's preferred mode of transport. But if you had the time and the inclination, it is possible to drive between Paris and Beijing. Though the thought of the return leg might be beyond you and your vehicle.

I tried Google and few other places for driving directions but was unable to turn up anywhere that could provide the driving directions in one go.

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