How Far Is It From Aberdeen To Edinburgh In The United Kingdom?


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131 miles
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The distance between Aberdeen and Edinburgh in Scotland within the United Kingdom is approximately 92 miles or 148 kilometers. This distance is as the crow flies and does not in any way whatsoever reflect distances on the ground. Though, I do not know any crow that would want to fly a hundred and fifty kilometers. Aberdeen is located to the north east of Scotland on the coast of the North Sea.
Aberdeen with a population of a little over two hundred thousand is Scotland's third most populous city. Famous nicknames of the city are "Silver City with the Golden Sands" and "Granite City". The city has seen settlements of man since around 8,000 years ago. Edinburgh is on the other hand the capital of Scotland. Directionally it is to the south west of Aberdeen. It is believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. The centre of the town is adorned by the Princess Street Gardens.
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The difference is of 126.2 miles

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