Does South Africans Need A Visa To Visit New Zealand?


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South african passport is visa free to 89 countries including newzealand and Ireland ,south Korea, hong kong ,singapore,malaysia and many other places.  Your stay must not exceed 3 months
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My husband and I are visiting our son and daughter in law in Sydney Australia, and would like to join them for a two weeks vacation in New Zealand. We will be in possession of Australian visa. Do we need a New Zealand visa to enter New Zealand?
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If you are South African with a South African DO NOT need a visa to visit New Zealand for up to 3 months, after that you would need to leave the country.
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Hi I'm south african living in germany and I would like to go watch the rugby world cup this year,, would I need a visa , and  if so would it be diffecult to apply for
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I'm not 100% sure about that because I'm a southafrican too and I have so many visa problems. If you have a UK residency permit that should be ok but I'd go to the nearest commune and ask there. The only place I think we don't need a visa for is India or something - lame.
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I have a South African passport do I need a visa to go to New Zealand. I have a Australian visa
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If you are a UK resident traveling on a South African Passport going to New Zealand you do not need a visa if staying less than 3 months. Now bare in mind that if the the flight from the UK is not a direct flight and stops in another country you will need to check if that country your lay over is at, if they require you to have a transit or tourist visa

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