Do I Need Any Vaccinations To Go To Turkey?


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You know the best place to get an answer, unless a person who works there will bump into your question, is the immigration of Turkey. When you work on your passport, try and ask the people, they should give you the connection if not the answer.

My husband went to Bangladesh for a business trip and that's what he did - called the immigration of Bangladesh in US.
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No immunizations are officially required. However, it is recommended that the diphtheria/ tetanus (i.e. Within 10 years), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, polio, and typhoid are up to date. For an official listing of the required immunizations, go to the CDC website at sheet.
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Hi I think the best answer is "yes" as it can prevent many disease and hygiene which is easy to contagion. So have a nice trip. Bye !
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We go to turkey on monday  and I have  just read that we need the hepatitis jab but it says you should have this 2 weeks before you travel will it still be effective?
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You have failed to mention the current place of your being at. Valid passports can also be required and most if not all nations demand proof of your medical preparation, they could catch something from you, you know.
Has Vaccination expressed a desire to accompany you to a foreign nation, previously? I would not imply it is a strict prerequisite that she accompany you this time, maybe?
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I am going to bodrum,turkey in 2wks time.I have found out that you can have injections but there not compulsary.infact after telling a travel agent about taking my 2 children she was adamant that we didnt need them.

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