Does A British Citizen Need Visa To Enter India?


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To enter India using a British passport, you must have a visa, only people with an Indian, Bhutanese or a Nepali passport do not need to register for a visa. There are many Indian Visa Application centres in the United Kingdom, where you can apply for a visa, and it is authorised by the High Commission of India. You can find where the address of these Indian Visa Application centres on When applying for a visa, you must check which type of visa you need, on There are many types of visas ranging from a tourist visa, which will allow you into the country for tourism and it will be valid for 6 to 12 months, to a journalist visa, which is a visa that lets professional photographers and journalists to enter India for work, such as filming a documentary and the visa will only be valid for 3 months. The next step in applying for a visa, you must fill the application online,, and then you must print it off and sign it and send it  off or hand it in with your passport and any other documents need.. You will also need to include a photo of yourself and you must make sure that it meets all the strict requirements. When applying for your Indian visa make sure that you give enough time for the visa to be processed and sent back to you before your holiday. Also remember to check that everything has been completed properly because if some parts have not been completed properly, it will not be accepted and be sent back to you for completion, and this will waste time. When waiting for your visa to come, you can check the progress of it online on
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Anonymous answered know queen of britain still don't need visa in india... Coz she is already a citizen of india...
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Yes, You must get a visa before travelling to India.

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Yes, no matter which country you are from, you require a Visa to enter India. You can get further details of Embassy or High Commission of India in your area.

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