How To Get An Appointment From The Italian Embassy In Manila?


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To arrange an appointment at the Italian embassy in Manila, the first step would be to contact the embassy either over the Internet, by telephone or by visiting them in person.

Once you've contacted the embassy, the next step would be to discuss your enquiry with the administrative clerk that you initially deal with, and they will be able to book you in for an appointment if they are unable to assist you themselves.

What help can the Italian embassy provide?

It's worth adding that these days many embassies will have dedicated websites that can be a good source of information and may help direct you to the contact details of the office you need to get in touch with.

For example, the website of the Italian Embassy in Manila provides a range of information regarding visa requirements. This can be accessed by clicking on the INFORMATION AND SERVICES-VISAS link that is found at the top of the website’s home page.

Visa applications from the Philippines

A request for an appointment for something related to Visas can be addressed to the Visa Office of the Embassy. For Visa appointments you need to get in touch through writing in the form of a letter, fax or email. The letter can be addressed to the Italian Embassy, Visa Office, PO BOX No 2328, Makaty City. The fax number is (0063) 2 8171436. To get in touch via email you will need to send your message to [email protected]

Given that there are such large numbers of people trying to get appointments for Visas in particular, the Visa office will only provide information in cases of necessity through the following line, on Monday and Wednesday between 2 and 5 pm : 8924531 (extension 16, 19 and 30).

Furthermore, you can get information about Visa requirements and applicants through the call centre, using the following telephone numbers :19091012200 (PLDT with d.d.d. Only), 19031012200 (Bayantel), 19001012200 ( for Globe)

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