How Can I Apply Schengen Visa With Philippine Passport?


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For a Schengen Visa, you will need to go to an embassy of one of the countries that have signed up to the Schengen Agreement. The countries that belong to this group include the following 25 countries; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.
As with all passports you will to go to have your photos taken at a specialist shop or where you are able to find a photo booth as they will normally only accept passport-sized photos that fit carefully inside the photo section of a passport.
You will also need travel insurance, bank statements as well as your return flight details that you must bring along to the embassy. If you do not have all of these with you, then you will be unable to complete a visa application at a Schengen member state embassy.
It is important to realise that all passport holders of the Philippines must apply for a Schengen visa in order to visit one or more of these member states. The period that this visa is valid is a maximum of up to 90 days, within a six-month period for business or pleasure. These certain types of visas are unfortunately not valid to gain lawful employment and you will not be able to make any application within three months before you intend to visit. In the majority of cases, when you apply for a visa the Schengen embassies will all follow pretty much the same procedure in processing the visa applications so I wouldn't be overly concerned with choosing a particular embassy.
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I am a filipina and am planning to apply for a schengen visa visiting visa for a short stay to a friend in  belgium. How much do I need to show as show money in order to be approved. What are the frequently asked questions during the interview?
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I want to get a tourist visa in europe. But I don't have any relatives there.
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You can apply for Schengen visa by fulfilling all the visa requirements by German Embassy in Philippines. You can get list of Visa requirement from the following website:
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I am filipino citizen and holding a student visa,, am I allowed to apply for a schengen visa and do I report first  to student immigration before I apply?
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You need to go the German Embassy in Philippine (the embassy in your city). I am giving you the directory where you can find the address of German Embassy in Philippine. The German Embassy will give you the Schengen Visa.

Complete the form with a passport size photograph, your valid passport, Travel insurance, Bank statement, invitation letter and return airline tickets are required for applying the visa for Schengen Staten.

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