How To Make Acknowledgement For Hotel Managment Project?


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The first thing you need to do is draw up a list of everybody that helped you developing your report, or those who gave you the encouragement required to carry on. Everybody that was involved with the hotel management project should be thanked for their efforts in getting everything work to a high degree of efficiency.

Completing a project, especially a hotel management project, is not a solitary effort. It requires the support of many other people, and many will contribute to the overall and future success. An acknowledgement is there to provide a way of thanking the people that supported others in their research, their writing, as well as other parts of the project.

You should then review this list of names, and decide yourself if you want to include the person the acknowledgements page of your report. You need to focus on the people really supported the project, encouraged it or helped. These people that did the absolute most are generally the ones that are most acknowledges. You want to try and avoid including all of your friends and relatives, though some would be nice, and instead focus on everybody who did everything they could to create a significant impact on the report and the project.

You may also want to limit the list to between five and 10 people, to make the list more sensible, realistic, and easy to manage when writing the acknowledgement section.

Consider how these people helped your project, and keep the contributions concerning them precise with a brief description of what they did. Make sure that everybody is acknowledged for the right thing, and that you don’t go overboard. An acknowledgement can indeed be too long, and it can equally be too short.

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