On the job training narrative report in hotel and restaurant mangement?


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I am guessing you are meaning to say that you need to know how to write a narrative report about the on-the-job training you received for hotel and restaurant management.

First it is useful to know exactly what a narrative report is. According to the Harvard University website, the purpose of the narrative is "to provide a concise description of your major contributions and achievements to those outside your immediate field. The narrative should be integrative, demonstrating the connections across the variety of activities in which you engage. It should be written in the first person."

Therefore a narrative report on the training you received must be from your angle and your opinion. It should include what you learned and what you found very useful about the training. The report should also state any of your weaknesses when completing the training and how you wish to rectify these issues in the near future.

As stated earlier, it needs to be in first person which lets you put your voice across; which can be rare in other forms of analysis and reporting. It should ideally be written in order of the way things happened as it has a story aspect to it. If possible it should also always end on a positive note.
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A narrative report is written as a story - ie a sequence of events is described, and the report is organised according to the events rather than in a series of headings. The main thing is to make clear what lessons were learned during the training and what action will be taken as a result.

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