How Far Is New York City From Los Angeles?


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The distance between New York City, United States and Los Angeles, United States is 2443.79 miles (3932.80 kilometers).

Los Angeles is a global city, which is also known as L.A or the City of Angels. It forms an important centre across the globe in the field of science, culture, higher education, technology and international trade. It covers a land area of 469.1 square miles and 29.2 square miles of water. Los Angeles has 26 sister countries.

New York City officially known as, City of New York, is the biggest city in the United States. It is a famous centre across the globe for business, fashion, medicine, media, culture and entertaintment. It also known as the 'City that Never Sleeps' and 'The big Apple'. It attracts great number of tourist from across the globe.

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Los Angeles, California to New York, New York State is approximately 2781 miles by road. As the crow flies, the distance is slightly shorter at 2462 miles (3961 km).

Driving across America like this would take an estimated 42 hours of solid driving, plus fuel stops, overnight halts and rest stops along the way. Most people would only contemplate this trip if it involved an airplane.

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There's around 2462 miles between NYC and LA.

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The total distance from Los Angeles to New York City is 2,444 miles.

This is equivalent to 3,933 kilometers or 2,124 nautical miles.
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2462 miles

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