Should Beaches Have Rules?


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Beaches do have rules. There are rules to protect the animals that live there and there are rules to preserve the integrity of the coastline. There is a beach that I know of, that is populated with people that are from different countries (south of the border), and it is always littered with trash even though there are more trash cans on that beach than any other that I know of, but people still destroy the integrity of the coast, and they don't seem to care about the next person. Yes there should be rules and they should be enforced more.
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Most definitely beaches should have rules not only to protect the wildlife but more importantly to protect people.  Keeping our beaches clean and safe is fundamental to a healthy environment as well an enjoyable, hazard free beach experience.
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Yes, they should have rules. Duo to rules, we protect our environment  and the life of the people also. Keeping our beaches clean.

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If beeches did not have rules people would be surrounded by dangerous drunk people who are out of control who dump beer bottles which people can stand on

secondly motor bikes can be dangerous to small children

rules are put there for the enjoyment of the beech to be a safe enjoyment

imagine if rules were not put in place wildlife are put at danger

there are many other reasons to the importance of rules of beeches

and if you argue with this fact and say rules are meant to be broken
then think again rules can not be broken if there are no rules
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Beaches have rules... There rules is to protect our environment and protect the organism who live on the beach... Like fishes

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