Do Virgin Atlantic Have WiFi ?


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It is possible to use WiFi enabled devices on Virgin Atlantic according to Virgin Atlantic.

  • Specific devices only
The device you want to use on a Virgin Atlantic flight is rather specific for WiFi. In other words, not all laptops and other electronics with WiFi built in will work. A good many of them will work, but it is one of those situations where you have to test it when you are finally on the plane. This may be too late for those who need to use it for business such as sending emails.

  • Airplane mode
Airplane mode is a safe mode that certain devices have such as phones, games, and some of the newer laptops. At this juncture, unless you have an airplane mode on an electronic you will not be able to access the WiFi. This is because one has to be in that special mode to make it safe for the airplane to fly without interference. Thus it means laptops without Airplane Mode can only be used for games, movies, and non-internet related enjoyments.

  • Enabling airplane mode
The phone, or other electronics, needs to be switched to airplane mode before you get on the plane. Once in airplane mode, you will be asked to switch the phone off for takeoff and landing. While in the air and when electronics can be used according to the flight attendants, one can turn the phone back on and use it in airplane mode. In airplane mode the device will work with all its normal functions.

Virgin Atlantic does have internet access in the air as long as the device can support it. Like most WiFi you may enter an issue of interference or where signals are low. Low signals can make it hard to connect appropriately.

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Yes, The Virgin Atlantic has started free WI-FI service for upper class passengers. The people traveling from London, New York, Washington  and Hong Kong airports have this service. Passengers can get access to free WI-FI connections by getting access code from clubhouse reception desk.

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