Thesis title regarding hotel and restaurant management?


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The following advice can apply to all academic writing, not just a Thesis on Restaurant and Hotel Management:

So what is a thesis title?

In short, it is a mini-synopsis; the hook from which a study hangs upon. It can be as convoluted or as succinct as it wants so long as it captures the essence of the paper being written. There are no hard and fast rules in writing a title, but a few universal guidelines, if followed may impact a grade:

  1. Relevance - It is important the title reflects the subject matter. If the thesis title bears little relation to the topic then this will confuse the reader.
  2. Clarity - The Title should not only be relevant, it should also be crystal clear what the actual thesis is about.
  3. Vibrancy - Remember this is the gateway to the main work, and the aim is to capture the reader with an interesting idea that will encourage them to read on. Bland jargon-filled titles (especially if the meaning is anathema to the author) can be a bit of a yawn-fest, which will prompt the reader think; if that's the title what will the thesis be like?
  4. Focus - A lot of papers can lose grades because of a lack of focus, with branches of research leading them down various pathways, where the author is so attached to the subject that they want to include it all. Try instead when writing the thesis to follow the direction set in the title.
  5. Revision - In slight contradiction to the above it may not always be possible to adhere to the original thesis title. Research paths might not be readily accessible or it could be  that during the research a more interesting and desirable angle has opened up to the author. Therefore if the angle has changed then revising the title to reflect this is vital (see point 1) in achieving consistency.
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The effectiveness of the chinese food in filipino restaurant
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Statement of the problem of the qualities of an effective restaurant industry

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