What are the Sydney attractions?


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Sydney is an amazing city. It offers beautiful beaches, great sightseeing, good weather, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, intense nightlife and much more. You must see the following places while visiting Sydney:

* Sydney Opera House
* Fort Denison
* Luna Park
* Maritime Museum
* Spit Bridge to Manly walk
* Farmers’ Markets at the Carriageworks
* The Rocks
* Surry Hills
* Taronga Zoo
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Bondi beach, Surfing competitions, the Mardi Gra parade,Night clubs, Opera House, Sydney bridge Museums, Art galleries,Lots of sun and fun and much much more. Come to Australia for your holiday you wont regret it, and don't forget to visit Queensland because its got more.
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...it's got more what?? ---Immigrant dorks??
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You realy have got a problem you should get help, any way how is school going Toni are you still in the netball team.
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Sydney Opera House
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Well I would say the Sydney Opera House, and the Sidney Harbour Bridge , among other buildings in the City .
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Sydney is a beautiful place with many attractions. There are many places which one must visit they are
- Sydney Opera House
- Tower & Oz Treck
-Wildlife World
- Blue Mountains
- Port Stephens
- Hunter Valley

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